How it works

Run Gum infuses the best known ingredients with a better absorption process to help you more feel focused, alert, and energised... faster.

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A Better, Faster Absorption

Did you know your body can absorb many ingredients more efficiently through your mouth? It's a process called sublingual and buccal absorption and its awesome.

As you chew Run Gum, you take in the energy boosting ingredients up to 5x faster than when you drink energy drinks or coffee. 

Faster absorption + Cognitive Benefits of Chewing gum
A Boost that Helps You Maximize Your Performance

We compressed the best energy boosting and maximizing ingredients.


Most widely-used nootropic that helps you stay awake, feel less fatigue, and boost your performance.

B6 & B12 Vitamins

Micronutrients that helps you convert carbohydrates and proteins into fuel for energy, health, and strength.


An amino acid promotes cardiovascular health, increases exercise performance, and helps maintain electrolyte balance.

Directions: Chew for a few minutes when you need a boost

1. Chew Gum

Just a few minutes (5-10) is all it takes.

2. Have Energy

Get an immedidate boost in alertness and energy.

3. Run The Day

Maximize your day and end it feeling accomplished.

Accomplish More. Try Today!

Now you know the secret behind our revolutionary, on-the-go, energy gum that helps you maximise your performance in sport and in life.

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